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There are a diversity of views and understanding of the scriptures expressed in these messages.
The views presented are  according to the understanding of the speakers, and do not necessarily represent the views of all. Also the views of speakers may change over time.

TitleSpeakerDateThemes, KeywordsLink
Feast of Trumpets 2019Norm30/09/2019Listen
The Millennium - A literal one thousand years?Tully24/08/2019Tabernacles, Feasts, RevelationListen/Watch
What Do We Know?Tony24/08/2019Truth, Knowledge, Humility, PrideListen/Watch
Lessons from the WildernessMal10/08/2019Grumbling, Complaining, TrialsListen
Seek Peace, Preserve TruthfulnessNorm27/07/2019Listen
Whose feet will stand on the Mount of Olives?Don27/07/2019Jesus Christ, No Prexistence, Yahweh, One God, Nature of God, GodheadListen

Pentecost - The Sea and the CloudTony09/06/2019Baptism, Two Baptisms, First Fruits, Holy Spirit, Repentance, Passover, Feasts Listen/Watch
Delighting the Holy SpiritTully09/06/19Pentecost, Spirit of Truth, Grieve, Insult, Blaspheme, Resist, Rebel, FeastsListen/Watch
Last Day Unleavened Bread 2019Don26/04/2019Jesus Christ, No Prexistence, One God, Nature of God, Godhead, FeastsListen
Passover and the Second MonthTony20/04/2019Unleavened Bread, Second (2nd), FeastsListen/Watch
12 Elements of Effective PrayerTully13/04/2019Prayer, Fasting, HealingListen/Watch
Love, Marriage and FulfilmentNorm09/03/2019God is Love, RedemptionWatch
Who Is Our Neighbour?Mal23/02/2019Good SamaritanListen
Before the Judgement Seat of Jesus ChristDon09/02/2019Listen
Testing the HeartTony10/11/2018Trying, Purifying, RefiningListen/Watch
Just How Great is the God We Worship?Norm27/10/2018Universal Salvation, Read
Fire and BrimstoneTully13/10/2018Hell, Annihilation, Universal Salvation, Gehenna, Second Death, Lake of FireWatch
Atonement 2018Tony19/09/2018FeastsListen
The Prophet's DisobedienceTony23/06/2018Listen/Watch
Succeeding to Fail - The First Will Be LastTully26/05/2018Success, Failure, Winning, Losing, Achievement, Money, Pride, Wealth, Competition, SportListen
Pentecost - The 11th HourTony20/05/2018Feasts, First FruitsListen/Watch
Pentecost - What Does it Mean?Mal20/05/2018Feasts, First FruitsListen/Watch
The Day Doubt Departed - 1st Day Unleavened Bread 2018Norm31/03/2018Feasts, Wave Sheaf, 8th (Eighth) Day, Sunday, New CovenantListen/Watch
Who is our master? Christ or the Law?Tony24/03/2018Sin, Works, Love, Old and New CovenantListen/Watch
Word Study FallaciesTully10/03/2018Semantics, Interpretation, Hebrew and Greek, Language, TranslationWatch
Attitude of GratitudeMal13/01/2018Listen
The Sign of JonahTony25/11/2017Listen/Watch
The Infallibility of the Scriptures, and the Coming of the LordTully28/10/2017Prophecy, Day of the Lord, End times, InerrancyListen
Atonement 2017Tony30/09/2017FeastsListen
To the Unknown GodNorm22/07/2017Listen
What's in a Name?Tony26/11/2016Listen
God's Love for UsMal29/04/2016Listen
Core ChristianityNorm26/03/2016Listen
Our Covenant with ChristMal29/03/2015Listen
Spirit and TruthNorm28/06/2014Listen
Which Deaths Matter?Mal26/07/2014Listen
Our Sovereign God's Plan for MankindNorm24/12/2016Listen
Pentecost 2015Mal24/05/2015FeastsListen
Pentecost 2015Norm24/05/2015FeastsListen
What Was, What Is, and What Will BeNorm23/08/2014Listen
Feast of Trumpets 2017Mal21/09/2017Listen/Watch
Feast of Trumpets 2017Norm21/09/2017Listen/Watch
Last Day of Unleavened Bread 2014Mal21/04/2014FeastsListen
Measuring UpMal20/12/2014Listen
Last day of Unleavened Bread 2017Norm17/04/2017FeastsWatch
Last day of Unleavened Bread 2017Tony17/04/2017FeastsListen/Watch
Lessons from the Bronze SerpentTony14/11/2015Listen
Lead Up to the FeastsNorm14/03/2015Listen
Don't Return to EgyptTony14/02/2015Listen
Healing the ParalyticTony13/08/2017Listen
From Jacob to IsraelTony13/06/2015Listen
The Value of CriticismTully13/05/2017Humility, Pride, Growth, RebukeListen
Circumcision and the 8th DayTony10/02/2018Listen/Watch
Truth and RealityMal10/06/2017Listen
Parables - Part 2Tony06/05/2017Listen
Ezekiel/Revelation ParallelsTully05/08/2017Prophecy, End TimesListen
Sign of the TimesTony09/04/2016Listen
1st Day of Unleavened Bread 2015Tony04/04/2015FeastsListen
The Subtlety of GodMal12/03/2011Listen
Keeping the VisionMal11/06/2011Listen
God's HarvestsNorm26/03/2011FeastsListen